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TNPSC to UPSC by Vijayakarthikeyan

A comprehensive guide from Vijayakarthikeyan to face competitive Examinations.

Message from Author: In Tamil Nadu this year alone TNPSC shall be conducting competitive examinations for over ten thousand higher posts. Of which, 130 posts of Assistant Director Horticulture; 147 posts of Assistant Engineer; 9351 Group-4 posts including Village Administrative Officer, Junior Assistant, Field Surveyor, typist, draftsman; 4 posts of Executive Officer; 60-80 Group -1 posts including Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police; 1200 Group-2 posts including Revenue Inspector, Municipal Commissioner, Sub Registrar; 325 posts of Assistant Engineer in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board are all going to be filled up through competitive examinations. For those who may feel, ‘All these are not needed Sir.. Straightaa Hero only!’, there is the Union Public Service Commission. This year, for civil services including IAS and IPS, 1000 people are expected to be selected. What if, instead of seeing the above as mere vacancies and competitions, we see each of them as opportunities that can change our life? So many opportunities right in front of our eyes! No matter what qualities essential to success we may have, including talent, hard work and perseverance, it is the manner of grabbing and utilising the opportunities presented to us, which will differentiate the achievers from the also-rans. Success is something we all like. We give tremendous importance to achieving success. At the same time, we tremble to think of failure. Treating failure as a fearsome prospect instead of as just another result, will badly affect our future chances of success, without us even realising it. Failure is something that we all face. But it is those rare few, who learn from the lessons taught by failure and forge pathways to success from them, that end up as achievers.!

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